5 home office tips for the perfect home workspace

5 home office tips for the perfect home workspace

April 23, 2020 1:40 pm

Need a better home working environment? Take a seat…

Due to the covid 19 virus many of us will be working from home. If you’re used to working in a formal office setting and not accustomed to working from home you will have to make some significant changes.

You might find that makeshift office setup in the form of your dining room table, sofa, or bed just isn’t cutting it. Where you work has a serious effect on your productivity and wellbeing, so it’s vital to create an area that maximises your efficiency and productivity.

To make sure your home workspace has everything you need, here are our top 5 tips on how to make your home office setup work better for you:

Be practical


Step away from the Pinterest boards, we get it you want your home office to look good. Those must have picturesque home office designs might look good but they might not be the most practical of solutions.

So before you start channeling your inner interior designer, ask yourself if these things will actually make you comfortable. Is that “original vintage desk” going to fit anything more than a laptop and one single pen? Could you actually sit in that chair for eight hours a day?

Placement is key

Choose an area that has lots of natural light. By placing your desk in front of or adjacent to a window, you’ll not only have something to look at rather than a brick wall, you’ll also be able to give your eyes regular breaks from screen-time.

Studies have shown that having exposure to natural light has a wide range of health benefits, including increased productivity.

In addition to good lighting, it’s equally important to choose somewhere quiet where you’re not likely to get interrupted. Screaming kids or a blaring TV aren’t the kinds of things that’ll make you look good on a conference call.

Stock up on supplies


Keep having to get up to find a pen? To reduce the urge to wander off – whether it’s around the house, make sure you have everything you need within close proximity.

Think pens. Think post-it notes. Think paper (no not toilet roll). Think headsets. Think snacks. Because nobody wants to be that one person who’s late for a call because they were busy searching for working headphones.

Consider storage solutions such as bookcases, drawers, wire organisers, and filing cabinets to store your essentials, this will stop you from tripping over when you enter the room (not to mention create a stylish backdrop for video conferences).

Declutter often

It’s week two of work from home, and you will no doubt have acquired a lot of clutter. Do you need it all? Probably not.

Unleash your inner Marie Condo. If it doesn’t spark joy, get it outta there.

According to a study published in Forbes, about 57% of people think that one’s work directly correlates with the tidiness of their office. This means that if your office is messy, your work is likely to be messy as well.

Set some time aside at the end of each week to sort through your things, and figure out what you need to keep, what you need to put away and what you need to dispose of.

Internet Access

Make sure you can access your wifi. According to PCMag, with today’s connection of home products, including smart TVs, mobile devices, and laptops, it is critical to outfit your home office with a network router that is able to handle your demand for Wi-Fi connectivity.
One study revealed that, on average, workers waste a full week each year waiting on their Internet connection to respond.

If you have multiple family members using the bandwidth to stream videos or play games online, having a new router can help improve the Wi-Fi range and your work productivity.

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